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2008 New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey

VACANT-FOR-SALE/VACANT-NOT-AVAILABLE Housing units, Tables by Variable Type

Please read the Cautionary Notes about the 2008 HVS

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  • Access from Sidewalk to Elevator Without Using Stairs [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Access from Sidewalk to Unit Without Using Stairs [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Bedrooms [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Borough [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Buildings with Broken or Boarded Up Windows on Street (Observation) [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Condition of Building [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Condition of External Walls of Building [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Condition of Floors of Building [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Condition of Stairways of Building [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Condition of Windows of Building [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Coop/Condo Status of Building/Development [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Duration of Vacancy [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Elevator in Building with 2 Stories or More [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Floor Unit is Located On [.xls] [.pdf]
  • New York City Structure Classification [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Number of Building Condition Problems [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Number of Stories in Building [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Number of Units in Building [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Presence of Kitchen Facilities [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Presence of Owner in Building [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Presence of Plumbing Facilities [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Previous Occupancy [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Reason Vacant Unit Not Available [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Rooms [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Type of Heating Fuel [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Wheelchair Accessibility - Building Entrance [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Wheelchair Accessibility - Elevator [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Wheelchair Accessibility - Residential Unit Entrance [.xls] [.pdf]
  • Year Building Built [.xls] [.pdf]

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

All of the tables are in two formats. The first format listed for each table is xls, which is Excel format. Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program is required to view xls files. The second format is pdf, which requires the Adobe Reader or an alternate program that can display PDF files. If you don't already have the Adobe Reader on your computer, click here to download it for free. If you are having trouble installing or using the Adobe Reader, please see their troubleshooting page. Always Open Go to: NYC-311 Home | Contact Us | Directory | Privacy Policy