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TABLE 17 - Maximum Change in Distribution of Household Income in Manhattan as a Result of Vacancy Decontrol

Annual Household Income Current Distribution Distribution Resulting from Maximum Change
Less than $13,441 22% 14%
$13,441-$30,000 21% 16%
$30,001-$55,200 22% 24%
More than $55,200 35% 46%

NOTE - Calculations based on the assumption that apartments in each borough that are currently rent regulated will ultimately be occupied by households with the same distribution of characteristics as the current occupants of unregulated units in that borough that are rented at market rents. Since rent regulated units are less desirable than market rate units on average, they will tend to be the most attractive to households with lower incomes than those currently occupying unregulated units and hence the estimated change provides an upper bound on the change in income distribution that would result from vacancy decontrol. Always Open Go to: NYC-311 Home | Contact Us | Directory | Privacy Policy