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An Introduction to the NYC Rent Guidelines Board
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Board Resolution Delegating Contracting Authority to the Chair


FEBRUARY 13, 1991

Whereas, §310(2) of the New York City Charter provides as follows:
Sec. 310. Scope. Except as otherwise provided in this charter or by statute,
2. all goods, services or construction to be procured by an entity, the majority of the members of whose board are city officials or are individuals appointed directly or indirectly by city officials shall be procured as prescribed in this chap- ter; provided, however, that where the provisions of this chapter require action by the mayor or an appointee of the mayor in regard to a particular procurement except for mayoral action pursuant to subdivision c of section three hundred thirty-four, such action shall not be taken by the mayor or such appointee of the mayor, but shall be taken by the governing board of such entity or by the chair of the board or chief executive officer of such entity pursuant to a resolution adopted by such board delegating such authority to such officer;
Whereas, the Chair of the Rent Guidelines Board is its chief administrative officer and has the authority to enter into consulting contracts pursuant to §26-510 of the Rent Stabilization Law and Article Four of the Bylaws of the Rent Guidelines Board; and
Whereas, by resolution adopted on December 4, 1990, the Rent Guidelines Board has directed its staff to produce a price index of operating costs for 1991, compara- ble in scope and methodology to price indices produced in prior years, and has further authorized the hiring of a consultant and other necessary personnel to assist the staff in this effort; and
Whereas, the need to purchase goods and services to support the Board's research needs may arise from time to time and may require the involvement of the Chair of the Rent Guidelines Board to act as Mayor under the procurement sys- tem Established pursuant to Chapter 13, of the New York City Charter,
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the New York City Rent Guidelines Board hereby delegates to its Chair full authority to act as, and on behalf of, the Board in all matters involving the procurement of goods and services governed by Chapter 13 of the New York City Charter. This resolution shall remain in effect until such time-- as it is specifically revoked by a majority of total members of the Rent Guidelines Board or is otherwise terminated by operation of law.

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An Introduction to the NYC Rent Guidelines Board
Table of Contents
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