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An Introduction to the NYC Rent Guidelines Board
Table of Contents
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Bylaws of the New York City Rent Guidelines Board

Article One


Name: The name of this organization shall be NEW YORK CITY RENT GUIDELINES BOARD (herein referred to as the "Board").

Article Two

Purpose and Powers

The Board shall establish annually guidelines for rent adjustments for rent stabilized housing accommodations in New York City which are subject to the New York City Rent Stabilization Law of 1969 (hereinafter referred to as the "RSL") and the New York State Emergency Tenant Protection Act of 1974 (hereinafter referred to as the " ETPA"), including any extensions, amendments of renewals thereof.

The Board shall have the power to do any and all acts consistent with the provisions of the RSL and consistent with any and all enabling state and federal legislation, such as but not limited to, the ETPA.
In setting these guidelines, the Board shall consider, among other things (1) the economic condition of the residential real estate industry in the affected area including such factors as the prevailing and projected (i) real estate taxes and sewer and water rates, (ii) gross operating maintenance costs (including insurance rates, cost of fuel and labor costs), (iii) costs and availability of financing (including effective rates of interest), (iv) over-all supply of housing accommodations and over-all vacancy rates, (2) relevant data from the current and projected cost of living indices for the affected area, (3) such other data as may be made available to it.

Article Three


The Board shall consist of 9 members. Appointment, removal and qualifications of Board members shall be in accord with the RSL.

Article Four


One public member shall be designated by the Mayor to serve as Chairman and shall hold no other public office. The Chairman shall be chief administrative officer of the Board and among his or her powers and duties he or she shall have the authority to employ, assign and supervise the employees of the Board and enter into contracts for consultant services.

Article Five

Compensation of Members

Board members shall be compensated in accordance with the provisions of the RSL.

Article Six


The Board shall have a permanent staff to assist it in carrying out its mandate. The staff may consist of an Executive Director/Research Director, Research Associate, Counsel, Office Manager and Secretary. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the Chairman may modify the composition of the staff by adding of subtracting employees or by changing their responsibilities, provided such modifications are consistent with the overall financial resources of the Board.

Article Seven

Hearings and Meetings
  1. Annual Hearings. Prior to the annual adjustments of the level of fair rents for dwelling units and hotel units covered by the RSL the Board shall hold a public hearing, or hearings for the purpose of collecting information.
  2. Annual Meetings. Pursuant to the RSL, the Board shall hold public meetings sufficient in number to enable it to fulfill its statutory mandate of issuing annual guidelines for units covered under the RSL.
  3. Special Meetings and Hearings. The Chairman may hold hearings and/or meetings in addition to those above mentioned for any purpose consistent with the Board's mandate.
  4. Notice of Meetings and Hearings. Notice of all meetings and hearings shall meet the requirements of law.
  5. Place of Meeting and Hearings. Every hearing and meeting of the Board shall take place within the City and State of New York.
  6. Quorum Requirements. At all meetings of the Board, the Attendance of five members thereof shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Once a quorum is attained the meeting may continue thereafter, even though a member (or members) whose presence was necessary to constitute the quorum leaves the meeting prior to its adjournment, but no purported action of the Board shall be valid unless the vote thereon is in accord with the voting requirements as specified herein below. Article Seven (continued)
  7. Order of Business. The order of business a~ all meetings shall be determined by the Chairman, but such order may be changed by a majority of those members present. If the Chairman is unavailable to preside over a meeting, he or she shall appoint another public Board member to preside over and to determine the order of business for such meeting by orally notifying the Board's staff of such appointment.
  8. Rules of Order. All meetings and hearings win be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order unless such rules are in conflict with anything stated herein, in which case these Bylaws shall control.
  9. Voting. Each Board member, including the Chairman, shall be entitled to vote when he or she is present at a meeting. A member will not be entitled to vote by proxy.


The vote of at least five members of the board shall constitute an act of the Board, except as otherwise required by law or by these Bylaws.

The amendment of repeal of these Bylaws shall require the vote of at least six Board members.

Article Eight

Promulgation of Guideline Orders

Not later than July first of each year, the Board shall file with the City Clerk its findings for the preceding year, and shall accompany such findings with a statement of the maximum rate or rates of rent adjustment, if any, for one or more classes of accommodations subject to the RSL for leases or other rental agreements commencing during the twelve month period beginning October first of that year.

On or about May first of each year, but not later than July first of that year, the Board shall issue its guidelines, as described in the above paragraph, for hotel dwelling units subject to the RSL.

Article Nine


The decision of the Board shall be conclusive on all questions of construction of these Bylaws.

Adopted May 18, 1981

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An Introduction to the NYC Rent Guidelines Board
Table of Contents
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